Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stem Cell Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis gives patient hope for a pain-free life

The condensed story of my journey to Panama

I was diagnosed with RA in November of 2008. I started with Methotrexate. It made me feel really sick for a couple of months; I adjusted to it somewhat to the extent that I felt queasy for a couple of days after the five or six pills I took every Monday evening.

I still progressively got worse. Then I took Embrel by injection. That only lasted two weeks because I broke out in huge swollen places (looked like red pancakes plastered on my legs where I had taken the injections). Then I tried Areva. That helped some. Only mild nausea, but horrible diarrhea, and the pain worsened.

The right side of my body was affected the worst. I was experiencing difficulty at times holding a fork or a pen. I started taking Celebrex and increased the number of aspirin I was taking daily. Around the first part of 2010 the rheumatologist I was seeing prescribed methotrexate again, but this time in injectable form. The effects were horrible. It was as if I injected myself with food poisoning every Monday evening. I was very sick and unable to work for two days after the shot.

A friend of mine in Corpus Christi, Maryanne Sinclair, contacted me in June and told me the story of a gentleman who had gone to Panama for stem cell therapy. His name is Dusty Durrill. She said the results of the treatment were a miracle for him. He told friends and anyone who would listen about the clinic. My friends said the changes in him were indeed amazing. He was able to walk without assistance, the swelling in his hands and feet had gone down drastically. He flew the head of the clinic to Corpus Christi in June to speak to the people who were wanting more information about the treatments there. I was one of the approximately 200 people who attended the meeting. Dusty Durrell had checked out the clinics in Israel and Germany. There was a clinic at that time also in Costa Rica which has now closed.

I was at that point taking two Celebrex per day and ten to 12 aspirin, and I felt terrible most of time. I applied based on his experience, and arrived in Panama on August 28th.

The following is my testimonial for the Stem Cell Institute

The Stem Cell Institute offers me hope for a pain-free life. I flew to Panama the end of August, 2010 for a two-week stay and treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was most impressed with their facilities, personnel, and administrative support which are an adjunct to the treatment regimen associated with the patient care. The medical staff exhibits a degree of care which exceeded my expectations. To date, I have experienced positive results from the stem-cell infusions with no adverse reaction. I am continuing to improve which is an apparent result of my treatment.

I am delighted to speak with your prospective patients that want to speak to someone who has been through the Stem Cell Institute.


Marian D’Unger

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